Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Start!

This is my first posting to my blog. In fack its my first posting to any blog as this is new to me. So what shall I say? What subjects shall I talk about that will interest people? Hmm, all questions to be answered but I suppose whatever I talk about will inevitably be interesting for some poeple but boring for others. So if you find it interesting then good but if you find it boring then I apologise.
However some will probably wonder about the title of the blog. An explaination is the boring bit and perhaps some would think sad too. Why "Black Five"? So proving this is the sad bit, here goes... Showing that I have an interest for railways in the UK, among other things, a Black Five is a nickname of a steam locomotive that was at one time very common on the UK's railways It was so nicknamed as it was classified as five and no guessing what colour they were painted!
But what about me? Who am I? Well rather than say anything about myself perhaps I'll leave that up to your judgement as the blog develops. This will then give you an idea.